Webern, Schoenberg, Berg

Quatuor à cordes

Le choix de France Musique

Three composers, three string quartets, three images for capturing a fascinating moment in the history of the Second Viennese School: its birth.


  • Webern, Quatuor 1905
  • Schoenberg, Quatuor n°2
  • Berg, Quatuor opus 3


Editions Zig-Zag Territoires
Distribution Harmonia Mundi / Outhere France (2012)

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Webern, Schoenberg & Berg, Quatuor à cordes



The Quatuor Manfred’s colorful interpretation drinks from the same vital, effervescent source [as this music].

Gilles Macassar

Le Monde

The Quatuor Manfred remarkably restores Berg’s intensity and Schoenberg’s density […].


This superb program and the quality of the sound recording and the superlative interpretations of the Quatuor Manfred do the rest. The musicians’ sound is round, deep, mellow, and extremely powerful: the visual beauty and variety of nuances in their playing cause ears to prick up immediately.

Le Monde de la Musique

In this program, as original as it is intelligent, the Quatuor Manfred chooses the option of chamber music where balance and cohesion are the main objectives. […] Their pared-down and condensed approach, along with a focus on structural clarity, brings out what unites these three scores.


These admirable scores, precious witnesses of an effusive era, are served up by ideal performers: the Quatuor Manfred blooms within the pure lines that the three Quartets offer them.