Pièces pour alto, clarinette et piano

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Robert Schumann’s romantic universe invites us to approach it through five pieces of chamber music in step with the composer’s mood: by turns fanciful, testy or jovial, it can also be meditative, tender or melancholic. A beautiful union of the viola and the clarinet.


  • Märchenbilder, Op. 113
  • Märchenerzählungen (alto, clarinette, piano), Op. 132
  • Fantasiestücke, Op. 73
  • Romanzen, Op. 94
  • Adagio & Allegro, Op. 70


    Vinciane Béranger, alto
    Anne-Lise Gastaldi, piano
    Florent Héau, clarinet

    Editions Zig-Zag Territoires
    Distribution Harmonia Mundi / Outhere France (2001)

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    Schumann : Pièces pour alto, clarinette et piano


    DiapasonDiapason d'or

    Vinciane Béranger’s instrument shows great expressive richness, being tender without being affected, melancholic rather than resigned, both warm and slightly stinging… This interpretation conveys confidence and its lot of restrained emotions, things left unsaid and modesty. Rarely has the expression “chamber music” in the first sense of the term so accurately described what this intimate and subtle reading seeks to translate.

    Jérôme Bastianelli

    RépertoireChoc Classica

    A fresh revelation!

    The extreme finesse of Vinciane Béranger’s hypersensitive bow, ethereal and always spot on. The sum of these pages exudes a mixture of elegance, depth, sincerity, which—without the slightest hint of narcissism, the vice of many performers—ensures a dialogue of such continuity and fluidity that we often have the impression that the sound comes from a single source. No egotistical appropriation, therefore, but a convivial and fraternal, altruistic gesture, that, by transfiguring the music, finds freedom just as it frees the listener, entranced by the fascinating subtlety of the approaches taken. […] A pearl of quivering beauty and poetic intensity and a major contribution to discography.

    Pascal Brissaud

    ClassicaChoc Classica

    The young musicians possess that seductive je ne sais quoi that makes their interpretation both spirited and tastefully delicate. A coup de maître.

    Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin

    Le Monde de la Musique

    Violist Vinciane Béranger, remarkably accompanied by Anne-Lise Gastaldi, has the knack of conjuring up this strange universe, making her bow almost as fluid, formless, or on the contrary, piercing, as the oboe (Opus 94), the clarinet (Opus 73) or the horn (Opus 70). Playing laudable Märchenbilder perfectly in character, the duo creates a magical climate, and when the subtle clarinet of Florent Héau joins them in the Märchenerzählungen, the conversation opens up to deep perspectives, with something even more painful and mysterious.

    Patrick Szersnovicz

    Piano Magazine

    An exemplary vision, visually and musically!


    This interpretation demonstrates great sensitivity and wonderful complicity. The variety of colors and climates, as well as the beauty of the instrumental playing, are an absolute delight.

    Olivier Bellamy